regenera research group for aging intevention su hello monaco.
grande successo della session di regenera rg al congresso internazionale di medicina antiaging di montecarlo. grande successo del cronofasting integrato al congresso di montecarlo.
a circa un anno dal debutto del suo cronofasting integrato, il dott.ascanio polimeni ha presentato una relazione sui vari meccanismi d'azione del cronofasting integrato.
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Abstract presentato al congresso di medicina antiaging ed estetica di parigi-14-17 ottobre 2008



Memory loss is a common feature of the aging process.Among the various causes (stress,nutritional imbalance,genetic factors,vascular and metabolic factors,inflammaging etc.),the loss of the hormonal balance exerts an important role in the promotion of aging related loss of memory. The aging related decline of the production of estrogens,androgens,melatonin,cortisol,thyroid hormones,gh,vasopressin,dhea is an important factor of the pathogenesis of memory loss. Pregnenolone ,as we know,is the first hormonal step of the impressive steroidal cascade that takes place in the gonads,adrenal glands,skin and in the nervous system too.Infact, as other steroids, it’s produced in the peripheral and central nervous system where It’s concentration is higher than in plasma.For this reason, it’s considered the grandmother of steroid and neurosteroids.Pregnenolone improves memory process through various mechanism,direct and indirect,genomic and not genomic. As we age, the functioning of the brain’s neurotransmission system deteriorates; this leads to negative changes in the release of a key neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, ranging from a minor decline to severe alterations (Alzheimer.Dis.or A.D.).The creation of brain cells also is diminished, at least in the hippocampus ,while there is a progressive loss of neurites.Scientists have found that Preg. effectively combats all these factors.Pregnenolone’s production,as that of other hormones, declines with aging.In particular,we find a decline of pregnenolone and other neurosteroids’concentration in the nervous system of patients with severe cognitive impairment.Pregnenolone treatment can be used in an integrated therapy with other hormones, nootropic drugs and supplements, in the treatment and in the prevention of age related cognitive disturbances in patients with decreased level of preg’s in the blood . In this lecture, are showed basic informations about pregnenolone treatment of memory loss in this schedule:diagnosis of memory loss due to pregnenolone deficiency,kind of pregnenolone medications,doses and timing of treatment,follow up,side effects,contraindications,problems solver,limits and integration with other memory booster supplements or drugs.

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