regenera research group for aging intevention su hello monaco.
grande successo della session di regenera rg al congresso internazionale di medicina antiaging di montecarlo. grande successo del cronofasting integrato al congresso di montecarlo.
a circa un anno dal debutto del suo cronofasting integrato, il dott.ascanio polimeni ha presentato una relazione sui vari meccanismi d'azione del cronofasting integrato.
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Abstract dello studio presentato dal dott.ascanio polimeni al congresso internazionale sull'antiaging di parigi(23-25 marzo)


Ascanio Polimeni M.D.Board Certified Doctor in Broncopneumology,
Chronobiology,Neuro-endocrinology. Director of Antiaging Center of Rome and Milan .Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of A.M.I.A.(Italian Association of Anti-Aging Medical Doctors). Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Many hormones are involved in the aging process; sexual hormones (menopause-andropause),adrenal hormones(adrenopause),of pituitary(somatopause)and of pineal gland (pinealopause).The modern natural bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy(BHRT), is characterized by the following strategies :a)-Use of plant-derived hormones chemically and biologically identical to those produced by the human body.b) Use of physiological doses with the goal to restore the optimal youthfull levels c)- Use of integrated hormonal therapies with the aim to harmonize their ratios and functions. In this lecture,two novel natural hormones, the 7-oxo- keto-dhea and phytomelatonin are discussed.The 7-keto-Dhea is a natural metabolite of dhea which:
-Declines with age like dhea.
-Doesn’t convert into androgens and estrogens in the body.
-Doesn’t have toxic and side effects and doesn’t accumulate on the body overtime.
The aging immune system, looses the functional capacity to react in the right way; sometimes overreaction which we know as autoimmune diseases, sometimes failing the correct reaction which mains deficiency:increased ability for infections and increased tumor incidence.These features are largely due to a deficit of CMI(cell mediated immunity) and to a loss of balance between CD4/CD8 and TH-1/TH-2 system.
Individuals who have survived in good health to the maximum life span, are equipped with optimal cell defense mechanism.The loss
of balance C4/CD8 and of TH-1/TH-2,the decrease of IL2 are predictive factors of mortality.
7-KETO,has been previously shown to increase IL-2 production better than DHEA, in human lymphocytes(by a statistically significant 68%).In an other study, 4 weeks of 7-Keto supplementation, improved immune function in elderly men and women.( Zenk JL, Kuskowski MA. The use of 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone for augmenting immune response in the elderly. Presented at meeting of FASEB, April 17, 2004.)
Our study,was designed to determine if 7-oxo-Dhea administration, would result in a significant improvement in immune system parameters over a longer period of 4 months in a population of healthy elderly men and women compared to placebo.The results of this study, reveal that 7-oxo-keto-dhea when administered 50-100mg twice daily,was able partially to enhance Tcell mediated immune function in elderly adults compared to placebo administration. Keto- dhea replacement therapy, could be so a novel hormonal strategy to balance some ‘’biological markers’’ of Immunusenescence.
The hormone was well tolerated and there were no serious adverse effects.
Melatonin, the second natural hormone described in this lecture,is an ubiquitous molecule;it’s present in the amphibians,reptiles,birds,mammals and plants.Melatonin’s molecular formula has been preserved during the evolution.The hormone has in the vegetable world the same functions which performs in the animals;it regulates circadian rhytms,enters into the nucleus where protects the genome from the toxic effects of free radicals.The phytomelatonin, a substance with the same chemical formula of biological and synthetic melatonin,is exctracted from some herbs. Alpine plants like sage leafs,oat seeds,yarrow flowers are particularly rich of phytomelatonin because they are more exposed to the oxidative stress produced by the UVA rays; the hormone accumulates in the plants specially in the nocturnal hours.In this lecture,are described the antioxidant,immunestimulant properties of phytomelatonin which can be used as cosmetical treatment or as nutritional supplement.
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